Pepe Viyuela and Saharawi representatives in defense of the rights of refugees

The actor and activist from Logroño presents the documentary 'Un viaje hacia nosotros', written and starring himself, with a subsequent colloquium on the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.

The MICE is also solidarity and commitment. And yesterday’s event at l’Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània is a good reflection of this vindictive character of the festival. The actor Pepe Viyuela presented the film ‘Un viaje hacia nosotros’, a documentary that travels in the family past of its protagonist in order to understand some inhuman behaviors of today’s society. One of the conflicts described in the film is the struggle of the Saharawi people for their rights, their history and their land. A forgetfulness, as much of the international actors as of the Spanish state itself, which has been despising the Saharawis for more than 40 years.

Representatives of the Polisario Front, such as Brahim Luchaa, mass organizer of this liberation movement, and Sidahmed Hanini Brahim, fighter of the 1st war against Morocco, took part in the talk. In addition, the festival awarded the Ministry of Culture of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, for its work for the promotion and visibility of cinema in this state. Activist Jadu Daf received the award.

“We need spaces like the one provided by the MICE to make visible and denounce the barbarism that the Saharawi people are suffering at the hands of Morocco”, said Luchaa, who regretted that “right now, the war with the enemy is the only solution”, because of the “silence and contempt we receive from international organizations”.

Pepe Viyuela thanked those present for the reception of the documentary, adding that “we have to ask for explanations to the politicians, to the bodies that are despising the Saharawi people, but we also have to find actions that each one of us can do, to support the people who need our help”, clarifying that “this was the starting point of the documentary: to help by telling a story both in the Saharawi people and the refugees around the world”.

The event ended with a group photo of all the people who took part in the activity, as well as Saharawi representatives and members of different solidarity platforms, such as Zemmur or Jaima Verde. In addition, it was announced that on 20, 21 and 22 October will take place in Smara the 1st edition of the MICE Sahara, which aims to bring different audiovisual pieces for children of the African territory, in addition to support and help promote and make visible the various claims of the Sahrawi people.

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