Open Arms and the film ‘Mediterráneo’ put the solidarity point to MICE 2022

Members of the NGO and the producer of the film, Tono Folguera, participate in a debate on immigration and human rights, in front of dozens of children from schools in Valencia, Alzira and Torrent.

The MICE is also solidarity, commitment and responsibility. And that is why the program of this edition includes events in defense of human rights, such as the screening-debate this morning at the school La Purísima de València. Students, but also the general public, were able to enjoy a participatory session with members of the NGO ‘Open Arms’ and Tono Folguera, producer of the film ‘Mediterráneo’. This film, with 3 Goya Awards and directed by Marcel Barrena, narrates the altruistic work of this solidarity organization with migrants seeking a better life crossing the sea.

Ángel San José, Maria Dolç and Laura Sánchez were the activists representing Open Arms, who answered all the questions from the audience, besides telling their personal experience as members of this NGO: “The film perfectly reflects the beginning of Open Arms, showing tragic situations, with human lives at stake, that happen every day”. “To be able to debate with young people, to have this space to share opinions and experiences, is a great opportunity for us, and we have to thank MICE for organizing this day”.

Tono Folguera, producer of the film ‘Mediterráneo’ stated that “This film was shot to be shown in events like the one we are presenting today”. He also added that “the objective of ‘Mediterráneo’ is to offer it to the new generations and make them aware of a reality, not as distant as we think, with human lives like that of each one of us at stake”.

“The aim of programming ‘Mediterráneo’ is to get students to think and reflect on such an important social issue as migration and respect for human rights,” said Josep Arbiol, director of the festival, who added that this film “is educational cinema. And as such, it has to be part of the MICE activities”.

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