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Cultural Sponsorship

Seize this opportunity to stand out as an organization committed to education and culture.

Brand Image Enhancing

By aligning your brand with a prestigious cultural and educational event, you can elevate your company’s image and reputation. Sponsorship serves as a testament to your organization’s dedication to promoting education and culture.

Targeting Specific Audiences

MICE attracts a diverse range of participants, including students, academics, and industry professionals. By sponsoring the event, businesses can leverage this diverse reach to target specific audiences and effectively promote their products or services.

Creating Networking Opportunities

MICE brings together industry professionals, filmmakers, and experts in the field. By sponsoring our event, companies can establish valuable connections with industry leaders and professionals, which can lead to future collaborations, business opportunities, and growth.

Generating Relevant Content

Sponsoring MICE provides businesses with an opportunity to generate relevant and engaging content for their audience. This may include interviews with prominent filmmakers and coverage of the event. Such content can be utilized to strengthen the company’s presence on social media, blogs, and other digital platforms.

Community Impact

MICE is not just a cultural and educational event; it also has an impact on the local community. By sponsoring the event, companies can contribute to the development and growth of the filmmaking community, generating recognition and gratitude from those involved.

Join MICE as a Sponsor!

With your support, we can continue to promote audiovisual culture and education throughout Spain and the world, bringing excitement to students and allowing them to express their vision with courage and creativity. Join us and let’s make this great event possible together!

Our Sponsors

Financial Transparency


160.099,51 €


160.099,51 €

We value the trust of our collaborators, sponsors, and the general community. Therefore, we are committed to transparency in our expenses and the sources of funding that allow us to carry out the MICE festival (Mostra Internacional de Cinema Educatiu). In this link, you will find detailed information about how we invest the resources we receive and where our financing comes from.

An Inspiring Festival with a Purpose

Our purpose is to educate future generations in the language of audiovisual media, enabling them to understand and utilize this medium in an increasingly digital world. By sponsoring MICE, you are helping young people from across the country see their short films on the big screen and feel inspired to continue exploring their creativity. Together, we can create a festive environment around education and motivate the new generations to pursue their studies.

Join us and help us inspire the next generations of filmmakers and creatives!

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