Good news! There are many ways to be part of MICE, the International Educational Film Showcase! Here we tell you everything you need to know to participate in our activities!

You can submit your work to MICE Festival to one of our competitive sections, each with various categories and sections to accommodate all types of audiovisual projects. You can also join our workshops to learn and improve your filmmaking skills. Don’t forget about the “MICE al Cole” initiative, which brings educational cinema to schools!

For more information about each of these options, click on the following links. There you will find the guidelines and registration forms for each category.

Join MICE! We’re waiting for you.

Registrations open until June 30th. All activities are free for students, teachers, and schools.

MICE Festival

Registration and rules films

This event is a unique opportunity for students from educational institutions, associations, and workshops to showcase their learning in the field of visual literacy.

The festival is divided into competitive sections with different categories and divisions to accommodate as many works as possible. We also have international juries who judge the films in various screening rooms.

Workshops audiovisual

We offer workshops on Book Trailer, short film, Stop Motion, drone and robotics workshops, as well as short film recording that highlights local culture and heritage. We conduct the workshops in your educational centers.

*Currently available only in the Valencian Community.

La MICE al Cole

From the comfort of your own classroom, theater, or designated space, you can watch movies and enjoy cultural events that are often difficult to organize in small towns.

The screenings are divided by age groups, and you can schedule them throughout the school year without limitations.